People who have the job title VP, Engineering


Siddharth is an engineering leader passionate about scalability, performance engineering, databases and lean methods for optimal delivery.

At Animoto, he is responsible for all aspects of development, testing and technical operations. Animoto is one of the pioneers in cloud computing and inspires people to share their lives via the magic of video. He leads a strong team of 40+ engineers.

Before Animoto, he was responsible for Engineering at Beachbody, where over 5 years he established the engineering group from the ground up and grew it to 150+ strong engineers globally.

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Schooner Information Technology

Paddy is the Vice President of Engineering and a founder of Zmanda, Inc. He is responsible for technical strategy and development of leading software products for data protection. He has been working on MySQL backup and recovery solutions in open source and enterprise space for few years.

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