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Ernie joined Percona in April 2012 as a Senior Consultant, bringing many years of diverse experience as a systems architect and engineer in both independent consulting and standard-employee roles. He has worked in almost every technology role present in the Internet era, from Perl/Java developer to Linux sysadmin, MySQL DBA to Cisco network engineer, security auditor to IT engineering manager.

In his previous lives, Ernie was working heavily with deployment automation and designing infrastructure stacks driven by some of today's leading virtualization platforms. He holds a BS in mathematics and a BA in political science from Arizona State University.


Gwen Shapira is a Senior Consultant at Pythian, Oracle ACE Director and a member of the Oak Table Network. Gwen Shapira studied computer science, statistics and operations research at the University of Tel Aviv, and then went on to spend the next 15 years in different technical positions in the IT industry. She specializes in scalability and high-availability solutions such as RAC, Exadata and Hadoop. Gwen Shapira is a frequent presenter at Oracle conferences and blogs for the popular Pythian blog:

The Pythian Group

Raj is a Consulting DBA with both, a Systems Administration as well as a Development background, which provides a good grip of the fundamentals of any system and allows him to see the big picture. He gained exposure to a number of high-volume, high availability systems through his job as DBA and team lead at the Pythian group, where he was one of the first MySQL DBAs hired 8 years go. Maintaining and tuning those systems gave him the experience to see what works and what doesn't in the field. He is currently consulting with a number of companies to help develop highly available, high-concurrency architectures based on Oracle and MySQL. With a number of successes under his belt with the Web2.0, Media, Telecom, Airline and Healthcare industries, he is well-qualified to address any performance and scaling challenge.


Stéphane is a principal consultant at SkySQL and one of the most experienced MySQL consultants in Europe. Before joining SkySQL, Stéphane spent 6 years at MySQL / Sun / Oracle as a lead consultant serving customers across France and EMEA. Stéphane lives in Paris, with his wife and son.

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