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Virident Systems

Shirish Jamthe – Global Director of Systems Engineering

Mr. Jamthe is responsible for Systems & Performance Engineering at Virident Systems where his focus is to ensure that the Virident FlashMAX SSDs extreme performance is well utilized by applications. At Virident he also led the product development for Virident’s NOR Flash based MySQL Appliance. Prior to Virident he was Vice President of Financial Research Systems at Putnam Investments where he designed and developed large research database and investment models for both equity and fixed income investment. Prior to Putnam he was co-founder and CTO of revolutionary mobile startup Coola Inc. He brings over 20 years experience in designing and deploying technology at large corporations. He began his career at Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company.

Mr. Jamthe holds an MBA from Boston University and a BS from National Institute of Technology, Nagpur India.

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