Post Conference Events

We are pleased to announce three post conference, MySQL events. These events are on Friday, April 13th at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. Full details are available at the links below. Separate registrations are required for each event using the links below.

Drizzle Day

Drizzle Day is a day to learn about Drizzle, how to use Drizzle, migrating to Drizzle and contributing to Drizzle. If you’re interested in a database for modern web applications, relational databases being deployed in the cloud, advanced replication techniques (such as crash safe replication, multi-sourced replication and being able to consume the replication stream in your application), AlsoSQL (a HTTP JSON interface to a relational database), testing and performance – then Drizzle day is for you!

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Sphinx Day

This marks the first U.S. opportunity for the Sphinx user community to come together and showcase the performance, scalability, and flexibility that has 'wow'd' users like Boardreader, Craigslist, Dailymotion, Hubpages and Scribd. The aim of the Sphinx Search Day 2012 is to provide a technical forum to educate those who are new to Sphinx and drive innovation for long-time users. The majority of the talks will be technical in nature and more importantly delivered by real-world users and Sphinx community members.

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SkySQL & MariaDB Solutions Day

Join SkySQL and MariaDB for a day of free tutorials and consulting around the MySQL database and related technologies. During this one day event, attendees will receive free, hands-on training on MySQL database soluions from the experts at SkySQL, MariaDB, Calpont, Continuent, ScaleDB, Severalnines, Sphinx, and Webyog, among others.

As well, SkySQL and MariaDB will bring industry visionaries, including Michael (Monty) Widenius and David Axmark, the original authors of the MySQL database, to share their insights on current and future trends pertaining to the world’s most popular open source database.

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