HGST, your complete one-stop shop for MySQL storage solutions

4 November 10:05am - 10:30am

50 minutes conference
HGST (a Western Digital Company) invented the hard disk drive. Since 1956 the company has been leading the industry with innovative storage hardware, software and solutions. Today HGST is a leading provider of HDDs and SSDs in the industry. With a focus on scale-out architectures, HGST has developed new innovations in flash and software to address master/slave consolidation and is delivering massive capacity active archive solutions for big data. This keynote presentation will focus on business benefits of the complete storage spectrum, from hot to cold data, and will feature customer case studies where these benefits have been achieved.


Flash Platforms Group, HGST EMEA
Ryan Taylor is responsible for developing and driving revenues for HGST’s Flash Platforms Group within EMEA across the channel ecosystem and enduser accounts. Ryan has over 15 years of experience in storage, backup and data management - most recently with DataDirect Networks where he worked within their Cloud, Content and Media team – Northern Europe. Prior to that, he successfully managed UK sales for BlueArc Corporation from 2006 until the acquisition of the company in September 2011, and played a key part in the sales expansion and partnership strategy development.