Galera Cluster New Features

4 November 3:10pm - 4:00pm @ Cromwell 3 & 4

50 minutes conference
Galera Cluster for MySQL is a revolutionary step forward in MySQL high availability. It provides synchronous, multimaster, active-active clustering for InnoDB. No longer do you have to make trade-offs between data integrity/durability and failover time, nor do you have to accept a performance hit because you need high availability. Galera Cluster version 3 was released in November 2013, and since then work on next-generation Galera clustering version 4 has started. This session presents an overview of Galera Cluster features and benefits and walks through release 3 and future new features coming with the release 4.


CEO, Codership
Database replication specialist, with long track record of developing various replication and clustering solutions for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Currently holding CEO position at Codership, working for Galera open source project with the target of developing a universally applicable synchronous multi-master replication solution.