Zburivsky Danil

Big Data Consultant / Solutions Architect , Pythian

Danil Zburivsky, Big Data Consultant/Solutions Architect, Pythian. Danil has been working with databases and information systems since his early years in university, where he received a Master's Degree in Applied Math. Danil has 7 years of experience architecting, building and supporting large mission-critical data platforms using various flavours of MySQL, Hadoop and MongoDB. He is also the author of “Hadoop Cluster Deployment” book. Besides databases Danil is interested in functional programming, machine learning and rock climbing.


Hadoop is gaining popularity as an integration point for various data sources inside a company. Hadoop's scalability properties and batch-oriented architecture also make it a great candidate for a data warehousing solution. In this session we will review a practical use case for building a Hadoop data warehouse and using MySQL as one of the data sources. There are many challenges... [read more]