Peter Zaitsev

CEO, Percona

Peter managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he founded Percona. Peter has a Master's Degree in Computer Science and is an expert in database kernels, computer hardware, and application scaling.


This year is the tenth anniversary of our gathering as a community to discuss and guide the direction of the MySQL ecosystem. With the release of MySQL 5.6, the increasing need for performance, the demand for big data support, and the question of the cloud, 2013 brings opportunity for an enormous leap in innovation. In his keynote, Peter Zaitsev gives his perspective on the state of the MySQL... [read more]
This presentation will teach you the InnoDB internals you need to know for performance optimization and operational tasks. You'll learn topics such as how InnoDB allocates space on the filesystem and in memory, how InnoDB recovery works, and how MVCC and locking work. We'll also cover the insert buffer and doublewrite buffer, and how InnoDB purges old data. We will not get into code-... [read more]
In many Performance evaluation studies, you will find comparison made in terms of peak throughput or corresponding response time. Yet these metrics are not the ones which well describe how technology would behave in real production systems. In this brief presentation, we will look into why such metrics can be misleading as well as provide framework and principles about performance evaluation... [read more]