Mats Kindahl

Senior Principal Software Developer, MySQL Group, Oracle

Mats Kindahl is Senior Principal Software Developer in MySQL @ Oracle. He is the architect and implementer of several features (mostly replication features), including the row-based replication available in 5.1 and the binary log group commit available in MySQL 5.6 and is a regular presenter at MySQL conferences. Before starting MySQL he earned a doctoral degree in the area of automated verification of distributed systems and worked with implementation of C and C++ compilers. Mats is currently leading the MySQL Scaling and High-Availability effort covering the newly released MySQL Fabric and the MySQL Applier for Hadoop.


MySQL Fabric is an open-source solution recently released by the MySQL Engineering team at Oracle. It seeks to make horizontal scale-out through sharding more accessible to users with growing data management requirements. This integrated framework supports management of large farms of MySQL servers, and includes support for sharding and high-availability. This session will present MySQL Fabric... [read more]