Percona XtraDB Cluster in a nutshell : Hands on tutorial! (part 2)

11 November 2:00pm - 5:00pm @ Orchard 1
Experience level: 
6 hours tutorial
NOTE: The answers for this tutorial can be found here:, and the slides here: -- This is a full day tutorial -- Percona XtraDB Cluster is a high availability and high scalability solution for MySQL clustering. Percona XtraDB Cluster integrates Percona Server with the Galera synchronous replication library in a single product package which enables you to create a cost-effective MySQL cluster. This tutorial will cover the following topics: - Migration from standard MySQL Master-Slave Architecture to PXC - Configuration differences between standard MySQLl and Xtradb Cluster - How to add a node and what does SST, IST mean ? How to use them ? - How to backup the cluster - How to monitor the cluster - 2 nodes servers- Why this isn't ideal but reasons and steps to setting it up anyway. - Galera Arbitrator: Defining what it is. - How to maintain the cluster - Setting up load balancing for Xtradb cluster - How to handle the cluster in the cloud - Tips and tricks - ... and if available cover PXC 5.6 with Galera 3 !! Attendees will be guided during the session and will perform all changes and tests in a VirtualBox environment. Attendees should bring a reasonably powerfull laptop able to handle at least 3 linux VM and have Virtualbox installed.


Senior Architect, Percona
Frédéric is an experienced Open Source consultant with expertise in infrastructure projects as well in development tracks and database administration. Frédéric is a believer of devops culture.
Principal Architect, Percona
Peter joined the European consulting team in May 2012. Before joining Percona, among many other things, he worked at Sun Microsystems, specialized there in performance tuning and was a DBA at Hungary's largest social networking site. He also taught many Oracle University MySQL courses. He has been using and working with open source software from early 2000s. Peter's first and foremost professional interest is performance tuning. He currently lives in Budapest, Hungary with his wife and son.