Accelerating MySQL Performance using PCIe Flash Storage

Utilizing Hardware
12 November 2:50pm - 3:40pm @ Sentosa 5-8
Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Many organizations are lowering costs and dramatically improving the performance of their MySQL deployments by leveraging advanced PCIe Flash Storage products. These products offer the lowest latency and highest density possible, leading to increased consolidation and lower operating costs. This talk will discuss the benefits of PCIe Flash Storage for MySQL environments and include examples.


Senior Director of Product Management, Virident
Jeff Sosa is the Senior Director of Product Management at Virident. He joined Virident in 2011 to lead the product management efforts for all company products, including the company’s expansion into MLC products and the FlashMAX II Product Line and related software. Prior to Virident, Jeff was Sr. Director of Product Management at Fusion-io, responsible for the ioDrive product line and related management software, and DataDomain as Director of Product Management where he drove the expansion of DataDomain products into the Archiving space. Jeff has also served in product management roles at Pathscale(QLogic), Network Appliance, and Brocade Communications. Jeff started in software engineering and engineering management roles, including over a decade at Tandem Computers. He holds a BS in Mathematics and MS in Computer Engineering from the California State University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.