Ivan Zoratti


With 25 years of experience in computer science and IT, Ivan started his career at Digital Equipment Corporation, following his passion for the kernel of the PdP 11 machines, RSX and later with VAX/VMS Macro programming. Entrepreneur since 1988, he set up and managed several IT startups and subsidiaries in Europe. He has been an independent journalist and author of technical books for 15 years. Since the early 90s, Ivan has been Chief Technical Architect and Chief Technical Officer for non IT companies in sectors like telco, manufacturing and retail. Ivan joined MySQL in 2005 and led the European Pre-Sales team for the Software Infrastructure Group at Sun Microsystems. At SkySQL, he is responsible for the vision of the company and the evolution of new database solutions and services. A native of Italy, Ivan has lived in Windsor, UK since 2000.


The majority of the IT Managers, Systems and Database Administrators today are interested in public, private and hybrid clouds. Unfortunately, relational databases are not cloud-friendly and the deployment of MySQL in cloud infrastructures creates many new issues in terms of scalability, performance, security and integration with non-cloud infrastructures.

In September, SkySQL announced their very first product, the SkySQL Cloud Data Suite, or SCDS in short. This is part of a more global strategy aimed at simplifying operations with MySQL servers in terms of administration, integration and monitoring.

Why is the SkySQL Data Suite relevant for you?
The SkySQL Cloud Data Suite is free and open source, with commercial support on demand... [read more]