Using and benchmarking Galera in different architectures

Replication and High Availability Strategies
4 December 16:20 - 17:10 @ Orchard 2

We will present results from benchmarking a MySQL Galera cluster under various workloads and also compare them to how other MySQL high-availability approaches perform. We will also go through the different ways you can setup Galera, some of its architectures are unique among MySQL clustering solutions.

* MySQL Galera
** Synchronous multi-master clustering, what does it mean?
** Load balancing and other options
** WAN replication
** How split brain is handled
** How split brain is handled in WAN replication

* How does it perform?
** In memory workload
** Scale-out for writes - how is it possible?
** Disk bound workload
** WAN replication
** Parallel slave threads
** Allowing slave to replicate (commit) out-of-order


Henrik Ingo
Senior Performance Architect, Nokia
Speaker Biography: 
Henrik works as Senior Performance Architect at Nokia, where he is mostly interested in the performance of MySQL and Galera, but also other SQL and NoSQL databases. He previously worked as Chief Operating Officer at Monty Program and as a Sales Engineer at Sun Microsystems, selling MariaDB, MySQL and MySQL Cluster technologies while being closely in touch with their respective development teams. He is the author of the book "Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source (, fan of Open Source in general and contributor to Drupal in particular. Since 2010 Henrik co-organizes the MySQL Community Awards, a tradition which will again take place as part of the 2013 MySQL Conference and Expo (