Ripple Your Way To Better Connections


Last year's event had over 300 attendees all hungry for information, best practices and of course a desire to network with their fellow attendees. This year, why not give them something different. Give them the Ripple!

The Conference Ripple is not just a keynote or a networking session. It's way more than that!

The Conference Ripple makes your event more successful by helping people engage and connect with one another in a safe and fun way. The program kicks off with a presentation about the power of building connections the right way, and focuses how a conference serves as a mini-community for those in attendance, a community that only continues to grow and expand throughout the conference and beyond.

Following Steve's keynote he will facilitate an actual Ripple where attendees meet one another face to face to connect and engage in a fun, non-threatening way. Steve will provide Ripple Connection Questions that will help complete strangers get to know one another and keep those conversations going throughout the conference. There are no silly "ice-breakers" or uncomfortable moments where audience members are put on the spot to deliver "elevator pitches". Instead the people are given permission to be themselves and network in a manner that excites everyone from the extroverts to the introverts. Most importantly it's done in a way that will keep people talking throughout the event.

Steve can remain engaged throughout the conference, participating in breaks, happy hours, meals, etc. serving as a networking ambassador for the event. Through his participation he leads by example and is always available to those who need a little extra help meeting new people.

This program has quickly become a conference organizers dream as it sets the tone turning the obligatory networking sessions into powerful connecting opportunities that people will enjoy much more. Something that is guaranteed to bring people back next year!


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