Putting Your Dreams of Global Infrastructure in the Cloud

Trends in Architecture and Design

Today businesses don’t have to limit their customer base to their own backyard. With the many advancements in accessible global infrastructure, virtually any company can have a global audience and the profitability benefits that come with it – if you know the right way to scale.

Architectures that work at 1x scale need to be specifically engineered to work well at 10x or 100x scale. A plan needs to be in place to take your idea/startup/small business to the next level. In this presentation, I will give you this plan.

I am able to do this because, as the co-founder of TechHampshire, I work daily with startups that are asking themselves this very questions: how do I scale? I have answered this first-hand during my experience at Dyn. Over the course of a year we grew from 30 employees to more than 100 and opened an office on another continent. In this presentation, I will explore the processes, tools and approaches we enlisted to make this scale successful.

Of course, along the way there were plenty of mistakes. We learned from these and by sharing them hopefully you don’t have to make them yourselves. Identifying these potential pitfalls early will enable you to avoid them, scale successfully and reach your full potential as a company.

This session will examine how companies at any size can leverage the unprecedented access of the cloud in order to take their sites from one location to multiple locations across the world.

We will look at the architectural challenges of going multi-site, proven best practices, and real-world examples of the performance improvements achieved.


Adam Coughlin
Media and Content Coordinator, Dyn
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