MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers

Developing Applications
3 December 14:00 - 17:00 @ Sentosa 5-8

This tutorial is about the most effective techniques to scale MySQL and improve response times that are specifically targeted at developers.
These strategies play to the strengths of developers as well as domain expertise and scope of authority. It will not include hardware or operating systems fine-tuning and anything else that may annoy your operations team. All strategies are “cloud-compatible”.

Topics will include:
* Choosing the very best indexes
* Making your database more lean
* Some MySQL settings hacks for touch situations
* Writing better SQL (and how to avoid bottlenecks)
* Techniques to detect bottlenecks
* Strategies to handle Big Data
* Strategies for Caching
* Write Scaling Strategies
* Upgrading and Migration Strategies
* Bring-Your-Own Problems - at the end of the session.


Jonathan Levin
MySQL Consultant, Independent
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