Multi-Master, Multi-Site MySQL Databases Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten

4 December 13:10 - 14:00 @ Kensington Suite

Cross-site databases are the next challenge facing today's MySQL-based businesses. Continuent Tungsten provides multiple options for spreading data across sites, including primary/DR, multi-master, and system-of-record approaches. Learn how Continuent Tungsten enables replication, failover, and routing of transactions between sites.

We cover the following topics:

• Introduction to cross-site models: primary/DR, full multi-master, and system-of-record.
• Which model is best for your applications?
• How do you set up multiple site data management with Continuent Tungsten?
• How does failover work in each model?
• When can you use Continuent Tungsten to route transactions between sites?

Continuent is leading the charge to make multi-site operations work for SQL databases. Learn how Continuent Tungsten together with MySQL can give you the advanced data management capabilities your business needs today!


Robert Hodges
CEO, Continuent
Speaker Biography: 
Robert has over 30 years of experience in database and application engineering. Prior to Continuent, he worked on object-relational databases and transaction processing at Sybase. He also held senior engineering positions at Portera and Exigen Group, where he designed and operated software-as-a-service applications. Robert is the original designer of Continuent's Tungsten solution.
Giuseppe Maxia
QA Director, Continuent, Inc
Speaker Biography: 
QA Director at Continuent I am active member of the MySQL community and long timer open source enthusiast. During the past 25 years I have worked in various IT related fields, with focus on databases, object oriented programming, system administration. Fluent in Italian, English, Perl, Python, SQL, Lua, C, Bash, and good speaker of C , French, Spanish, Java. I work in cyberspace, with a virtual team.