Keeping your website and data available

Replication and High Availability Strategies

This talk will cover buildings a highly available website using AWS and Continent Tungsten. AWS provides several methods to keep websites online and protected against hardware and network failures combined with Continuent tungsten this can provide a reliable always on platform.

It will cover

  • Installing Web and database server in different availability zones to protect against Amazon failures
  • Automating the database fail overs
  • Online schema changes


Neil Armitage
Continuent Tungsten Deployment and Support Engineer, Continuent
Speaker Biography: 
Neil has over 20 years of experience in developing applications and managing database servers. He joined Continuent in 2012 after working with a Tungsten replication-based solution at TradingScreen. Neil started his career as a mainframe DBA using IBM DB2. Since that time he has worked on various large scale Oracle and MySQL installations in both the banking and online gaming industries.