Scaling LAMP

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October 24th, 09:00 AM
Bishopsgate Suite


During this tutorial we will cover various topics related to high scalability for the LAMP stack. This workshop is divided into three sections.

The first section covers basic principles of shared nothing architectures and horizontal scaling for the app//cache/database tiers.

Section two of this tutorial is devoted to MySQL sharding techniques, queues and a few performance-related tips and tricks.

In section three we will cover the practical approach for measuring site performance and quality, porviding a "lean" support philosophy, connecting buesiness and technology metrics.

In addition we will cover a very useful Pinba real-time statistical server, it's features and various use cases. All of the sections will be based on real-world examples built in Badoo, one of the biggest dating sites on the Internet.


Alexey Rybak

Alexey Rybak

Head of A-team, Badoo

Alexey Rybak managed the development team in Badoo for over three years at a start-up stage, while the company grew up from zero to millions users. As a current head of A-team in Badoo Alexey is responsible for various "core" or "unexpected" stuff. Alexey has over 12 years experience in software architecture, development and management. Earlier in his career, Alexey was a head of web development at Mamba and also held development positions in electronic media companies. He holds a Master's degree in Physics from Moscow State University.


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