Advanced MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers

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October 24th, 2:00 PM
Cornhill Suite


This tutorial is targeted at the professional developer who wants to get the very best out of MySQL. We will discuss simple to advanced caching methods. Manipulating time to make queries run faster. Getting an overview of the queries that are run on the database and discuss strategies you can use to speed them up.

For many developers upgrading hardware, changing mysql settings or moving to newer MySQL Server Version are out of immediate reach and require complex approval processes. This talk is designed to focus on the 20% of the issues that cause 80% of the performance problems and that is to do with how your application uses your database. Warning: the things in this talk can be used in cloud environments!



Jonathan Levin

Jonathan Levin


Jonathan has come from many industries and from many countries. He's been in the travel industry, online retail and recently people searching and anti-money laundering. Jonathan has a background in MySQL DBA, database development, project management and man management. Jonathan lives in the UK where he likes to spend time with his wife and newborn daughter. Jonathan's hobbies are reading technical books and blogs as well as personal development and business books.


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