Real-time reporting at 10,000 inserts per second

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October 25th, 4:00 PM
Bishopsgate Suite


When Adfonic launched a global self-service platform for mobile advertisers, publishers and app developers in 2009, real-time reporting and analytics was a key ingredient of our initial success. Little did we know that within a couple of years, we'd be handling more than 15 billion ad requests a month, meaning in excess of 10,000 inserts per second during peak load. This session will focus on the tools used, including MySQL Cluster, the open source Mondrian ROLAP business intelligence tool, and a series of homegrown innovations that keep data flowing with near instant availability to our customers. Along the way, we'll discuss limitations of current technologies and where the quest for tenfold growth might take us.



Wes Biggs

Wes Biggs

Chief Technology Officer, Adfonic

Wes is co-founder and CTO of Adfonic, Europe’s largest independent mobile advertising marketplace. From the day he hooked up his first 300 baud modem, Wes has been developing software and designing platforms for online telecommunications with a passion bordering on the obsessive. At Adfonic, his job ranges from designing the big picture boxes and arrows down to the nitty gritty implementation of key services. When he's not hacking away on the code himself, he's working with the rest of the technical team on the next batch of innovative features. Prior to setting up Adfonic in 2008, Wes worked for a variety of start-ups and Internet-focused consultancies, and has founded and/or contributed to a number of open source projects.


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