Philip Stoev

QA and Release Manager, Codership Oy

Philip Stoev is QA and Release Manager with Galera Cluster, responsible for the overall quality of the product. He has worked on distributed systems and databases for more than a decade at Oracle, MariaDB and NuoDB. His database testing framework, the RQG, is widely used in the MySQL ecosystem and won the Application of the Year MySQL Community Award in 2014


Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 2:10pm @ Zürich 1
For everyone who dreams beyond the confines of a single data center, this talk will describe how to build geo-distributed, multi-master databases using Galera Cluster and how applications can take advantage of Galera to increase redundancy and bring the data closer to the user. It will show the benefits of geo-distribution and the features Galera 3.x provides for WAN replication. The... [read more]