Jean-François Gagné

Senior System Engineer,

Since joining in October 2013, Jean-François is working on growing the MySQL/MariaDB installations by removing replication bottlenecks (he also works on other engineering problems that are less relevant here).  Some of his latest projects are making Parallel Replication run faster and deploying Binlog Servers.  He also has a good understanding of replication in general and a respectable understanding of InnoDB, Linux and TCP/IP.  Before, he worked as a System/Network/Storage Administrator in a Linux/VMWare environment, as an Architect for a Mobile Services Provider, and as a C and Java Programmer in an IT Service Company.  Even before that, when he was learning computer science, J-F studied cache consistency in distributed systems and network group communication protocols.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 11:20am @ Matterhorn 3
Binary Logs are the cornerstone of MySQL Replication, but is it fully understood ? To start apprehending this, we can think of the binary logs as a transport for a Stream of Transactions. Traveling from master to slave, sometimes via Intermediate Masters, this stream evolves: it can shrink by the application of filters, can grow by the addition of slave-local transactions, and two streams can... [read more]
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 2:10pm @ Matterhorn 1
At, we are adding new components to our replication architecture: Binlog Servers. Those allow us to deploy remote site replication without needing Intermediate Masters (which is good as those cause problems in our environment). Moreover, Binlog Servers allow us to reach extreme number of slaves replicating from a single master (greater than 100 slaves and growing).