Alessandro Fustini

Java Developer and MySQL/MariaDB DBA, Colt Engine

Alessandro Fustini is a certified MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator and Developer.
He works for ColtEngine, an italian internet service provider based in Turin, since 2004, when he joined the company as senior java developer and MySQL/MariaDB DBA. He designed and developed the core software infrastructure behind the company service offer maturing a strong experience in system integration. He is now leading the ColtEngine's research and development team exploring the forthcoming trends of the ICT, with a particular focus (and passion) on the MySQL ecosystem.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 11:20am @ Winterthur
The ability to replicate the production environment in an isolated testing environment is a key factor for the success of any infrastructure (major or minor) component upgrade or replacement. Before introducing a new technology and deploying components into critical infrastructures, the maintainers must have a very deep knowledge of them. To reach this expertise it is really important... [read more]