Tools every sysadmin/dba should use

23 September 4:20PM - 5:10PM @ Matterhorn 1

50 minutes conference
This presentation will present several tools which can provide DBA's, sysadmins and developers with additional information on the state and performance of their database. My talk will go over some of the essential tools which might help them when taking over an existing database or managing their own. Tools I will present and discuss showing specific examples: - pt-table-checksum - pt-osc - pt-query-digest - pt-stalk - innotop - ... All tools will be related to Percona toolkit or other console based tools.


Solution Engineer, Percona
At the age of 7, Dimitri received his first computer, since then he has felt addicted to anything with a digital pulse.
Dimitri has been active in IT professionally since 2003 in which he took various roles from internal system engineering to consulting.  
Prior to joining Percona, Dimitri worked as a Open Source consultant for a leading Open Source software consulting firm in Belgium.
During his career,  Dimitri became familiar with a broad range of open source solutions and with the devops philosophy.

Whenever he's not glued to his computer screen, he enjoys travelling, cultural activities, basketball and the great outdoors.
 Dimitri is living with his girlfriend in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium.