Encrypted MySQL Backups and instant recoverability on large scale

Replication & Backup
23 September 3:10PM - 3:35PM @ Matterhorn 2

25 minutes conference
Do you want some ideas how to manage MySQL backups with instant recoverability when you store data on the petabyte scale and backing up multiple terabytes daily? How to test your backups? How to encrypt them on the fly? How to centralise and scale your backup system? In this talk we’re going see how we did it at Booking.com come and even more: - what prerequisites did we have before we started to design the backup solution - why we chose percona-xtrabackup - how do we automate the orchestration and monitor of the backups - how is it possible to restore in seconds - the different layers of restoration up to a whole DC restoration - how do we test our backups - how to encrypt large backups real-time without any overhead


MySQL Site Reliability Engineer, Dropbox
Karoly joined Dropbox in 2016 December as MySQL Site Reliability Engineer. Before he was a system engineer at Booking.com. He’s working with databases for more than 10 years and is a big enthusiast of system automation. Combining those he's spending his time developing automation systems for database operations for over 5 years now. Before that he was system engineer and leader of it operations at a market leader website in Hungary. Karoly’s main interests among databases are search engines, performance tuning and machine learning.