Drupal just wants to hug your database

MySQL Case Studies
23 September 3:35PM - 4:00PM @ Zürich 1

25 minutes conference
Drupal is one of the more widely adopted CMSs. It is open source and has a huge developer base. However, I rarely hear a DBA mention having to administer Drupal with anything but frustration and pessimism. At Acquia, we have thousands of Amazon instances running Drupal databases. Most sites are quite different from each other, but some basic principles apply to all. Being the DBA for Drupal does not have to be a negative experience! In addition to covering the generic Drupal MySQL configuration tips, I will cover optimization methods for specific features like semaphores, sessions, Views, and the various Drupal caching layers. I’ll also cover the use of query cache in the Drupal context, which while normally frowned upon in the MySQL community, is often beneficial in maintaining a healthy Drupal site.


Senior Database Administrator, SurveyMonkey
Emily has recently joined SurveyMonkey as a MySQL DBA, after 4 years of being a Platform DBA at Acquia. Emily has been in tech since 1998 - mostly working in the LAMP stack. She's been at various companies in that time, but only really got interested in MySQL while at Nokia in 2010 supporting their service that ran on Drupal. Emily is located in Portland, Oregon.