Combining Redis and MySQL to store HTTP cookie data

23 September 12:10PM - 1:10PM @ Zürich 2

50 minutes conference
At we’ve written our own in-house key-value store for HTTP cookie data on the server-side. It combines consistent hashing across Redis and MySQL servers, using Redis as a cache and MySQL for longer-term storage. The system is designed to stores tens of TB of data on many data centers and to serve hundreds of thousand of queries per-second with an average response time of ~5 milliseconds.


Senior Software Engineer,
Ævar is a 5 year veteran of who’s worked on everything from deployment tooling, an ElasticSearch powered search engine, to large system integration efforts with the core-infrastructure team. He’s spent 2 years working on the cookie storage system, and currently spends his time scaling E-Mail delivery infrastructure and writing commit messages of biblical proportions. He’s contributed to free software projects such as MediaWiki, Git and and the core of the Perl runtime. Before joining, he unsuccessfully worked on ridding the world of spam.