Xin Liu

Xin Liu

Xin Liu

Database Software Engineer, Alibaba


Senior MongoDB developer , Alibaba Cloud, Inc Focus MongoDB inside development. including: data
replication, storage engine. Design and implementation of "Lamda" that syncing data between MongoDB
clusters for disaster recovery and offline analysis. I've contributed several features and improvements with
MongoDB. And attention the evolution to Mysql InnoDB and NoSQL of HBase.

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SharedRocks : A scalable master slave replication with rocksdb and shared file storage

We present a kV database named "SharedRocks" which use d master-slave replication architecture for single write and multi-reads. It has high availability feature and easy to recovery from crashing. It's built on RocksDB which is the most popular key-value storage engine and PolarStore(PolarFS). The Alibaba's shared file storage. The shared file storage engine provides file persistence with three replicas and variety of new generation hardwares like RDMA, SPDK, etc. SharedRocks implements the master-slave replication between SharedRocks data nodes that are distribution architecture. SharedRocks' read only(slave) nodes are deployed very convenient. because of both of data and status are persistent on shared file storage. SharedRocks can access them anywhere..

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