Tiago Jorge

Tiago Jorge

Tiago Jorge

Senior Software Developer, Oracle


Tiago is a Senior Software Developer at Oracle and Technical Lead for Group Communication System in Group Replication. More than just being a developer, I have aimed to be a Software Architect during my software-industry career. I am someone that is keen to learn new ways of doing things and provide the best solution regardless of the used technologies, making use of the best practices in the market for software development. I also like a good challenge and I am not afraid of starting over in a completely new area, as my past experiences say. I've started in Network Security, passed to Telecom area, transportations and now I embrace developing in one of the biggest software companies in the world in the world's most used Open Source database- MySQL.

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The Latest MySQL Replication Features

The recent enhancements to MySQL replication make operations easier, further reduce the administrative overhead, provide a much-improved user experience, and enable running MySQL smoothly both at scale and/or in very tightly coupled network infrastructures such as in a
clustered environment.

Come and join the engineers behind the product to get to know the latest and greatest replication features and how these enable the creation of rock solid, scalable and resilient database services able to keep up with the most demanding work and fault-loads. Take this opportunity to expend your MySQL knowledge and learn more about hot
topics such as Group Replication/InnoDB Cluster.

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