Peter Schwaller

Peter Schwaller

Peter Schwaller

Sr. Director Server Development, Percona


When Peter isn't managing the server development teams at Percona, he writes MongoDB apps in Python. For fun.

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Time Series Data in MongoDB on a Budget

You need to store and retain time-series data in MongoDB and HDDs can't keep up with your insert rate, but you can't afford to keep everything on SSD? Then this presentation is for you. You'll learn how to use sharding and shard tagging to keep your inserts and most recent data on the fast SSDs and your archived data on the cheap HDDs, and how to quickly and efficiently transition data from SSD to HDD. You'll also learn the best programming techniques for adding your time-series data and accessing the data as a stream without missing any data points.

Open Source Transparent Database Encryption for MongoDB

This session describes existing encryption-at-rest features for MongoDB, with a focus on what is freely available in open source packages. You'll learn how to set it up, how to rotate your master keys, and how to achieve full encryption rotation. You'll also learn about the future direction for open source alternatives for MongoDB encryption.

Running Percona Server for MongoDB on Mesosphere DC/OS

Learn about different use cases for Percona Server for MongoDB on DC/OS, and see just how easy it is to configure a Percona Server for MongoDB cluster on this enterprise-grade platform.

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