Manyi Lu

Manyi Lu

Manyi Lu

Senior Director, Alicloud


Manyi Lu has almost 20 years experience in the database field. She recently joined Alicloud. Previously, she was the director of software engineering at Oracle, and leading the MySQL optimizer team. She also held various positions both as product manager and engineering manager at Sun Microsystems. Prior to that, she worked for eight years on development of Clustra, a highly available, distributed DBMS.

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How we use and improve Percona XtraBackup at Alibaba Cloud

Backup is critical for database maintenance, especially when providing database service on the cloud. For Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB, the backup system is one of the most import basic infrastructures and faces many challenges because of the cloud environment.
In this topic, I will share how we use and improve Percona XtraBackup to provide backup/recover service at Alibaba Cloud, such as backup validate, resource usage control, multi engines backup (InnoDB, TokuDB and MyRocks), and DB/Table level backup, etc.

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