Ivan Zoratti

Ivan Zoratti

Ivan Zoratti

Director of Product Management, Neo4j


Ivan is part of the Product Management team at Neo4j. He started his career at Digital Equipment Corporation, following his passion for the kernel of the PdP 11 machines and later with VAX/VMS Macro programming and networking. An author, an entrepreneur, he was founder of Dianomic Systems (an IoT startup), CTO at SkySQL (now MariaDB) and led Systems and Sales Engineering teams at MySQL, Sun and Oracle.

Ivan lives in Windsor, UK, he practices martial arts and helps Open Source Communities around the world.

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Introduction to Neo4j and Graph Databases

Have you ever heard of Graph databases? You should!
Graph databases are optimised to manage fast storage and traversal of nodes and their relationships. In simple terms, they make relationships (or joins in relational jargon) first-class citizens and queries of interrelated nodes blazing fast.

This talk is about the basic concepts of Graph databases and Neo4j, an open source database server build from the ground up for graphs.

We will cover these topics:
- Intro to graphs and why they matter in the database world
- Graphs modelling for relational minds: how to build graphs and how to make the most out of it
- Intro to Neo4j - architecture and use cases
- Cypher, a declarative graph query language
- Neo4j installation and use cases

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