Corrado Pandiani

Corrado Pandiani

Corrado Pandiani

Senior Consultant, Percona


Prior to joining Percona as a Senior Consultant, Corrado spent more than 20 years in developing web sites and designing and administering MySQL in particular in the football industry. He is a MySQL enthusiast since version 3.23 and his skills are focused on performances and architectural design. He's also a trainer and a MongoDB consultant.

All Sessions

Use multi-document ACID transactions in MongoDB 4.0

MongoDB 4.0 finally supports multi-document ACID transactions. During the presentation, we'll discuss what is a transaction and what ACID properties are.
We'll show how to use transactions in MongoDB doing some real example and we'll discuss the pros and cons and current limitations.

Deploying MongoDB in Production

Running MongoDB in production can be challenging.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to configure the database, and how to parse and interpret logs and metrics to make your day by day easier.

We will learn how to:
Interpret the MongoDB logs and server status output
Use "currentOp" command to check current queries running
Use the Database Profiler
Configure Linux for production, including OS parameters, network parameters, and disks configurations
Safely run maintenance in replica sets and shards
Create indexes without performance degradation
Pick the right shard key, and when and why to use shard tags
Use benchmark and load replaying tools
Choose the best backup method
Monitor your system with PMM
Evaluate if your application can take advantage of transactions in 4.0
Configure Change Streams and get notifications with a few lines

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