Carmen Mason

Carmen Mason

Carmen Mason

Senior DBA, Vital Source Technologies


Carmen Mason works at VitalSource Technologies as their sole MySQL DBA, where she helps decide on and plays with the latest toys, and works with some pretty brilliant folks on a daily basis, and enjoys ROOT on her database servers. Her favorite thing about her job is the challenge and the people she works with.

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A Year in Google Cloud

Taking existing infrastructure to Google Cloud has been a challenge, and our tiny team did it at breakneck speed. We survived that move and have the scars to prove it. We'll review how we got there, and the challenges that we've faced now that we're out of the datacenter. In this lecture, we will talk about the decisions that we've made for our high availability, DR solution, and database hosting.
* CloudSQL vs. Self-managed instance
* IOPS limitations
* ProxySQL
* Both bacon saving and issues that we've had with it.
* IP Aliases
* DR solution
* More!

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