Monitoring Cloud Databases

Tuesday 4:30 PM - 5:20 PM

@ Nikkei


50 minutes conference



Troubleshooting the database-related problems turns out to be not a simple task even if you run your database on-premise. And performance debug can become a nightmare when you run it as a managed service in AWS/GCP/Azure, because you have no access to the underlying OS, and series of DB metrics gathered by your monitoring solution is the only subject you have to explore.

The talk will make an overview of a monitoring possibilities available for MySQL/PostgreSQL managed database in case of AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud providers. We will review what monitoring data can be gathered, speak about data granularity, and discuss ways to export these metrics to Prometheus for their simplified representation and wide/complex troubleshooting analysis of the whole instance.


Mykola Marzhan

Mykola Marzhan (Percona)

Release Engineer


Mykola joined Percona in 2016 as a release engineer. He has been developing monitoring systems since 2004, and has been working as Release Engineer/Release Manager/DevOps for ten years.
Recently, Mykola achieved an AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) authentication.

Iwo Panowicz

Iwo Panowicz (Percona)

Senior Support Enigneer


Iwo is a Percona Support Engineer (EMEA) since August 2017.

Prior to joining Percona Iwo was a System Administrator for more than 10 years with a focus on high availability, performance and automation. He also was helping many companies in designing infrastructure and ha/failover solutions.

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