MongoDB WiredTiger WriteConflicts.

Wednesday 4:30 PM - 4:55 PM

@ Bull


25 minutes conference


Case Studies/Use cases

* What do writeConflicts indicate?
* Internal writeConflicts process
* When does writeConflicts indicate a problem?
- Small number of writeConflicts/sec
- Large number of writeConflicts/sec
* What to do if you see a large number of writeConflicts/sec
* Identify the operation causing conflicts in the mongod log file
* Improving update operation patterns


Paul Agombin

Paul Agombin (ObjectRocket)



Paul Agombin is DBA with experience administering MongoDB, an open-source document database and the leading NoSQL database. Prior to working with MongoDB Paul worked with Oracle. Paul has extensive experience on installation, configuration, backup, recovery, performance tuning, capacity planning, security, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, replica set configuration, sharding, and design of large scale databases


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