PostgreSQL Topics

PostgreSQL Topics:

The Percona Live Europe Open Source Database Conference 2018 highlights PostgreSQL directly from developers and some of the most well-known PostgreSQL technology users.

Do you have a PostgreSQL business case to highlight, a skill to teach, or a big idea to share? Have you used PostgreSQL to solve a particular application or business issue? How? Submit your speaking proposal for breakout, tutorial of lightning talk sessions. Put your ideas, case studies, best practices and technical knowledge in front of an engaged audience of open source peers.

  • What PostgreSQL features use cases and applications
  • What's new and upcoming in PostgreSQL
  • Are you using PostgreSQL in conjunction with other databases to tailor data for applications?
  • Are you using PostgreSQL in the cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • Best design practices and performance optimization
  • High availability, clustering
  • Container solutions like Docker and Kubernetes for PostgreSQL environments
  • Distributed databases with replication and sharding
  • Monitoring, management, automation tools and best practices
  • New technology: AI, machine learning, blockchain databases
  • User stories and business cases
  • New PostgreSQL trends: what is the next big thing?

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