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Open Source Databases and Business Goals

Percona Live conferences provide the open source database community with an opportunity to discover and discuss the latest open source trends, technologies and innovations. The conference includes the best and brightest innovators and influencers in the open source database industry.

More and more enterprises are adopting open source databases to help achieve business goals and solve business issues -- both on-premises and in the cloud. Percona Live Europe 2018 includes a new business track that covers the best ideas for how open source databases and database technologies can address and solve business issues such as application time-to-market, resource costs, OPEX and CAPEX expenses, etc.

Do you have an open source business case to highlight, a skill to teach, or a big idea to share? Have you used open source database technology to solve a particular business issue? How? Submit your speaking proposal for breakout, tutorial sessions or lightning talks. Put your ideas, case studies and best practices in front of an engaged audience of open source peers.

Session topics could be one of (but not limited to):

  • How did you choose your current open source database?
  • On-premises or in the cloud, which is your preferred environment?
  • How has open source databases cut your OPEX or CAPEX costs?
  • What did moving to the cloud do for resource planning?
  • How does developers and DBAs communication help launch applications more quickly?
  • Are you using more than one database to run applications? Why?
  • Using open source database technology with MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL or other technology
  • Migrating to open source databases
  • How do you use database monitoring to make business decisions?

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