It's a wrap!
The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2017 is complete!
Thank you to all who attended and participated. A big thank you especially goes out to our Diamond sponsor Continuent, along with all our other sponsors who made this show possible. In addition, a big shout out goes to the 140+ speakers who came to share their in-depth knowledge with the community! We hope to see you next year at Percona Live Europe 2018!

The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2017 is the premier event for the diverse and active European open source database community, as well as businesses that develop and use open source database software. The conferences have a technical focus with an emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MongoDB and other open source databases.

September 25-27, 2017
Dublin, Ireland

Tutorials Schedule - Monday September 25th

Monitoring MySQL Performance with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)
Michael Coburn (Percona)

Hands on ProxySQL
Rene Cannao (ProxySQL)

Running MongoDB in Production
Tim Vaillancourt (Percona)

MySQL in a Nutshell! (Part 1)
Dimitri Vanoverbeke (Percona), Tom De Cooman (Percona)

Couchbase - The NoSQL Database for Engagement Use Cases
Abbas Ahmed (

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Tutorial
Tibor Korocz (Percona), Alex Poritskiy (Percona)

Monitor MongoDB with the Elastic Stack
Philipp Krenn (Elastic)

Practical Orchestrator Tutorial
Shlomi Noach (GitHub)

Implementing MySQL Security Features
Colin Charles (Percona), Ronald Bradford (Pythian)

InnoDB Architecture and Performance Optimization
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

MySQL in a Nutshell! (Part 2)
Dimitri Vanoverbeke (Percona), Tom De Cooman (Percona)

MongoDB: Sharded Cluster Tutorial
Jason Terpko (ObjectRocket), Antonios Giannopoulos (ObjectRocket)

MySQL InnoDB Cluster and Group Replication in a Nutshell: Hands-On Tutorial
Frederic Descamps (Oracle), Kenny Gryp (Percona)

Sessions Schedule - Tuesday September 26th

Percona Welcoming Keynote
Laurie Coffin (Percona)

Championing Open Source Databases
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

Percona Monitoring and Management Demo
Michael Coburn (Percona)

MySQL as a Layered Service: How to Use ProxySQL to Control Traffic and Scale Out
Rene Cannao (ProxySQL)

Real Time DNS Analytics at Cloudflare with ClickHouse
Tom Arnfeld (CloudFlare)

Why Open Sourcing Our Database Tooling was the Smart Decision
Shlomi Noach (GitHub)

MyRocks at Facebook and a Roadmap
Yoshinori Matsunobu (Facebook)

Prometheus for Monitoring Metrics
Brian Brazil (Prometheus)

Real-time Data Loading from MySQL or Oracle into Elasticsearch and Kafka
MC Brown (Continuent)

Quick MySQL Troubleshooting with PMM
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

Monitoring MemcacheD with Prometheus External Exporters
Michael Coburn (Percona)

Why Choose Percona Server for MySQL?
Tyler Duzan (Percona)

Advance Sharding Solutions with ProxySQL
Marco Tusa (Percona)

Recursive Common Table Expressions in MySQL 8.0 (Part 1)
Guilhem Bichot (Oracle)

MySQL on Docker - Containerizing the Dolphin
Ashraf Sharif (Severalnines AB)

ProxySQL Use Case Scenarios
Rene Cannao (ProxySQL), Alkin Tezuysal (Percona)

Elasticsearch (R)Evolution - You Know, for Search...
Philipp Krenn (Elastic)

MongoDB Shootout: MongoDB Atlas, Azure CosmosDB and Doing It Yourself
David Murphy (Percona)

Moving data in Real Time into Cassandra, Kafka and Elasticsearch
MC Brown (Continuent)

Heterogeneous Replication Between MySQL and MongoDB Using Tungsten Replicator
Pep Pla (Pythian)

Inexpensive Datamasking for MySQL with ProxySQL - Data Anonymization for Developers
Frederic Descamps (Oracle), Rene Cannao (ProxySQL)

Recursive Common Table Expressions in MySQL 8.0 (Part 2)
Guilhem Bichot (Oracle)

Why MySQL Replication Fails, and How to Get it Back
Sveta Smirnova (Percona)

Migrating to Vitess at (Slack) Scale
Michael Demmer (Slack)

Using Prometheus with InfluxDB for Metrics Storage
Roman Vynar (Quiq)

Using MongoDB and Elasticsearch - Independently or Jointly
Kimberly Wilkins (ObjectRocket)

Migrating from MariaDB to Percona Server: An E-Commerce Web Story
Toshaan Bharvani (VanTosh)

How to Make MySQL for the Cloud
Lixun Peng (Alibaba Cloud)

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Enhancements - Performance, Security and More
Michael Coburn (Percona)

MySQL 8.0: Atomic DDLs - Implementation and Impact
Ståle Deraas (Oracle)

MySQL Replication Performance Tuning for Fun and Profit!
Vitor Oliveira (Oracle)

MySQL Backup Best Practices and Case Study: .IE Continuous Restore Process
Marcelo Altmann (Percona), Mick Begley (IE Domain Registry)

Visualize Your Data With Grafana
Daniel Lee (Grafana Labs)

Utilizing ProxySQL for Connection Pooling in PHP
Tibor Korocz (Percona), Johan Nilsson (Verisure)

MySQL Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization with PMM
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

MySQL Document Store and Node.JS
Johannes Schlüter (Oracle), Rui Quelhas (Oracle)

Database Reliability Engineering: What, Why and How?
Laine Campbell (Fastly)

Collations in MySQL 8.0
Bernt Johnsen (Oracle)

MySQL Load Balancers - MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx - a close up look
Krzysztof Ksiazek (Severalnines AB)

How to Backup at Petabyte Scale When Every Transaction Counts
Karoly Nagy (Dropbox)

InfluxDB Storage Engine Internals
Gianluca Arbezzano (InfluxData)

Rolling out Database-as-a-Service using ProxySQL and Orchestrator
Matthias Crauwels (Pythian)

MyRocks Internals and Production Deployment at Facebook
Yoshinori Matsunobu (Facebook)

Percona XtraDB: Compressed Columns with Dictionaries - An Alternative to InnoDB Table Compression
Yura Sorokin (Percona)

Fully Managed MySQL Setups with Puppet
Julien Pivotto (Inuits), Kris Buytaert (Inuits)

Spatial Data in MySQL 8.0
Norvald Ryeng (Oracle)

Split your Database: Seamless Database Growth with MySQL
Nicolai Plum (

A TokuDB Migration Case Study
Ronald Bradford (Pythian)

Turbocharge your MySQL Analytics with ElasticSearch
Guillaume Lefranc (Signal 18)

Real-Time Data Masking
Pandikrishnan Gurusamy (Lazada South East Asia), Suresh Durgappa (Lazada South East Asia )

Building a MongoDB Storage Engine with the RocksDB LSM Tree
Denis Protivenskii (Percona)

Cassandra Administration for MySQL DBAs
Emily Slocombe (SurveyMonkey)

MongoDB Security Checklist
Tim Vaillancourt (Percona)

Mesosphere DC/OS, SMACK stack, and MongoDB (Part 1)
Richard Shaw (Mesosphere)

Database Migration: Challenges of Migration from Oracle to Open Source
Maurizio De Giorgi (EMBL-EBI)

Monitoring Amazon RDS and Aurora with Percona Monitoring and Management
Mykola Marzhan (Percona)

Evolution of the Prometheus TSDB
Brian Brazil (Robust Perception)

Replication Manager for MySQL and MariaDB
Guillaume Lefranc (Signal 18)

MyRocks Engineering: New features and Enhancements
Manuel Ung (Facebook)

Amazon Migration Service: The Magic Wand to Migrate Away from Your Proprietary Environment to MySQL
Dimitri Vanoverbeke (Percona)

External Authentication with Percona Server for MongoDB and MongoDB Enterprise
Jason Terpko (ObjectRocket)

Mesosphere DC/OS, SMACK stack, and MongoDB (Part 2)
Richard Shaw (Mesosphere)

Mongo 3.6: What We Know is Planned
David Murphy (Percona)

Using Percona Monitoring and Management to Troubleshoot MySQL Performance Issues
Michael Coburn (Percona)

Which Technology to Chose in the Amazon Cloud? RDS? Aurora? Roll Your Own?
Max Bubenick (Percona)

Fault Tolerance Platform with ProxySQL, Consul and MRM
Narcis Pillao Figueras (Letgo)

Improvements to MongoRocks in 2017
Mark Callaghan (Facebook)

Sessions Schedule - Wednesday September 27th

Percona Welcoming Keynote
Laurie Coffin (Percona)

State of the Dolphin
Geir Høydalsvik (Oracle)

Many Faces of Continuent Tungsten
MC Brown (Continuent)

Database Reliability Engineering
Laine Campbell (OpsArtisan), Charity Majors (Honeycomb)

Database Performance in High Traffic Environments
Pavel Genov (Pepper)

How Intel benchmarks database performance using HammerDB
Steve Shaw (Intel)

Introduction to MySQL InnoDB Cluster
Frederic Descamps (Oracle), Jan Kneschke (Oracle)

Vitess: How to do Custom Sharding
Sugu Sougoumarane (Google)

Scaling and Hardware Provisioning for Databases (Lessons Learned at Wikipedia)
Jaime Crespo (Wikimedia Foundation)

Why We Recommend PMM to Clients
Rohit Kumar (Pythian), Martin Arrieta (Pythian), Kedar Vaijanapurkar (Pythian)

Building Multi-Petabyte Data Warehouses with ClickHouse
Alexander Zaitsev (LifeStreet / Altinity)

PMM in Practice for MongoDB
David Murphy (Percona)

High Performance JSON - PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB
Wei Shan Ang (GlobalSign), Dominic Dwyer (GlobalSign)

Introducing FogLAMP, the Open Source Stack for the IOT Edge
Mark Riddoch (Dianomic Systems), Ivan Zoratti (Dianomic Systems)

Automating and Managing MongoDB: An Analysis of Ops Manager vs. ClusterControl
Ruairí Newman (Severalnines AB)

Orchestrating ProxySQL with Orchestrator and Consul
Avraham Apelbaum (Wix.COM), Eyal Sorek (

Migrating to and Living on RDS/Aurora
Balazs Pocze (Gizmodo)

Multi-Site, Multi-Master Done Right
Matthew Lang (Continuent)

Enabling ClickHouse Analytics in Your MySQL Application Using ProxySQL
Rene Cannao (ProxySQL)

One Database to Rule 'em all
Stefanie Stoelting (Stefanie Janine Stoelting)

Building a Scalable Time Series Database on PostgreSQL
Erik Nordström (Timescale)

MariaDB 10.3
Vicentiu Ciorbaru (MariaDB Foundation)

Getting Started with Consul
Ben Mildren (DigitalOcean)

MySQL Security: Granting Secure Temporary Access with Vault
Walter Heck (OlinData)

gh-ost: Triggerless, Painless, Trusted Online Schema Migrations
Jonah Berquist (GitHub)

Highway Safety: Street Signs to Watch for When Running Galera Clusters
Marco Nicosia (Pivotal Software)

Yandex ClickHouse: A DBMS for Interactive Analytics at Scale
Aleksei Milovidov (Yandex)

Window Functions for MySQL 8.0: Boost Your Analytical Queries
Dag Wanvik (Oracle)

Database Technology: Independent Data at Rest Encryption
Tyler Duzan (Percona)

Microsoft Loves MySQL and PostgreSQL!
Jason Anderson (Microsoft)

A Percona Support Engineer Walkthrough on pt-stalk
Marcelo Altmann (Percona), Marcos Albe (Percona)

Databases on AWS: Tips and Tricks (and Horror Stories)
Alexander Kukushkin (Zalando SE)

MySQL Infrastructure Testing Automation at GitHub
Shlomi Noach (GitHub), Tom Krouper (GitHub)

Quick Tour of ClickHouse Internals
Alex Zatelepin (Yandex)

Why Choose Percona Server for MongoDB?
Tyler Duzan (Percona)

NoSQL Best Practices for PostgreSQL
Dmitry Dolgov (Zalando SE)

Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-Scale Machine Learning
Dana Van Aken (Carnegie Mellon University)

MongoDB Backup and Recovery Field Guide
Tim Vaillancourt (Percona)

Geographically Dispersed Percona XtraDB Cluster Deployment
Marco Tusa (Percona)

Debugging with Logs (and Other Events)
Charity Majors (Honeycomb)

How We Scale MySQL Databases In AWS
MING WANG (Grabtaxi Holdings Pte Ltd), Bei Lu (Grabtaxi Holdings Pte Ltd)

Percona XtraBackup Best Practices
Marcelo Altmann (Percona)

MySQL Worst Practices: Bring Your System to Its Knees
Andrew Moore (Digital Ocean)

MySQL Document Store: When SQL and NoSQL Live Together ... in Peace!
Frederic Descamps (Oracle), Jan Kneschke (Oracle)

Monitoring Open Source Databases with Icinga
Bernd Erk (Icinga)

MongoDB's Hidden Knobs No One Talks About
David Murphy (Percona)

The 8th Chapter on MySQL Replication!
João Gramacho (Oracle), Sven Sandberg (Oracle)

Modern sysbench: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
Alexey Kopytov (.), Martin Arrieta (Pythian)

Open Source Databases 101: MySQL vs. MongoDB vs. Redis vs. Cassandra vs. HBase
Marcos Albe (Percona)

PMM Architecture
Mykola Marzhan (Percona)

How Cloudflare analyzes >1m DNS queries per second
Tom Arnfeld (Cloudflare)

MongoDB Query Analytics with PMM
Michael Coburn (Percona)

Demo of TimescaleDB: Hypertables, chunks and scaling PostgreSQL for time-series analytics
Erik Nordström (TimescaleDB)

ClickHouse Interactive Analytics Demo by Altinity
Alexander Zaitsev (LifeStreet / Altinity)