Ruairí Newman

Ruairí Newman

Ruairí Newman

Senior Support Engineer, Severalnines AB


Ruairí is passionate about all things cloud and automation and has worked for MongoDB, VMware and Amazon Web Services among others. He has a background in Operational Support Systems and Professional Services and has previously presented at and was involved with AWS, Linux User Group and MongoDB meetups. Prior to joining Severalnines, Ruairí worked for Huawei Ireland as Senior Cloud Solutions Architect on their Web Services project, where he advised on commodity cloud architecture and Monitoring technologies, and deployed and administered a Research & Development Openstack lab.

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Automating and Managing MongoDB: An Analysis of Ops Manager vs. ClusterControl

In any busy operations environment, there are countless tasks to perform - some monthly, or weekly, some daily or more frequently, and some on an ad-hoc basis. And automation is key to performing fast, efficient and consistently repeatable software deployments and recovery.

There are many generic tools available, both commercial and open source, to aid with the automation of operational tasks. Some of these tools are even deployed in the database world. However, there are a small number of specialist domain-specific automation tools available also, and we are going to compare two of these products: MongoDB?s own Ops Manager, and ClusterControl from Severalnines.

We will cover:

* Installation and maintenance
* Complexity of architecture
* Options for redundancy
* Comparative functionality
* Monitoring, Dashboard, Alerting
* Backing up and restoring
* Automated deployment of advanced configurations
* Upgrading existing deployments

Participants should take away a clear understanding of the differences between these tools, and how they help automate and manage MongoDB operations.

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