Ronald Bradford

Ronald Bradford

Ronald Bradford

Senior MySQL Database Consultant, Pythian


Ronald has over 25 years of professional RDBMS experience in MySQL, Oracle, and Ingres. His expertise covers MySQL, LAMP and cloud-based consulting in architecture, performance, scalability and business continuity. Ronald is a former employee of the MySQL Inc consulting team (06-08) and Oracle Corporation (96-99). He has currently published 4 books on MySQL, his most recent titles available from Oracle Press include Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements, Effective MySQL: Backup & Recovery and Effective MySQL: Replication Techniques in Depth.

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Implementing MySQL Security Features

This tutorial provides a detailed roadmap for defining and implementing appropriate MySQL security for your data center and cloud environments. It will help you understand the options for and capabilities of authentication, encryption, key management and auditing in MySQL/Percona Server for MySQL/MariaDB/RDS and their variants.

This talk covers:

- A security primer
- The available ANSI and MySQL constructs
- The evolution of defaults in MySQL Versions
- Basic security hardening
- Reviewing authentication modules
- Better/Stronger/Harder passwords
- Encryption options for variants Percona Server for MySQL, MariaDB, MySQL Enterprise including LUKS, ezcrypt, gazzang
- Key management options
- Practical OS security (user accounts, sudo, iptables/ufw, SELinux/AppArmor)
- Why auditing is important
- Understanding the role of clouds, containers and compliance

A TokuDB Migration Case Study

In this presentation, we will discuss the migration of a rapidly growing production InnoDB system to TokuDB. This will include:

- Why TokuDB was chosen
- What features of TokuDB are used, and what features are not used
- Benchmarking and sizing evaluation used
- Additional dependencies and versions for software deployment
- Evaluating the backup options of Toku Hot Backup and LVM snapshots
- The impact of existing online alter statements procedures
- Balancing the memory configuration during migration to avoid OOM
- Tricks for a seamless production outage

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