Marcos Albe

Marcos Albe

Marcos Albe

Principal Support Engineer, Percona


After 12 years working as a PHP/JS developer for local and remote firms, Marcos decided to pursuit true love and become full time DBA, so he has been doing MySQL Support at Percona for the past 6 years providing lead web properties with advise on anything-MySQL and in-depth system performance diagnostic help.

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A Percona Support Engineer Walkthrough on pt-stalk

As a support engineer, everyday we get dozens of pt-stalk captures from our customers containing samples of iostat, vmstat, top, ps, SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS, SHOW PROCESSLIST and a multitude of other diagnostics outputs.

These are the tools of the trade for performance and troubleshooting, and we must learn to digest these outputs in an effective and systematic way to allow us to provide high quality service to a large volume of customers, and that is the knowledge we want to share through this presentation.

We will learn to setup, capture data, write plugins to trigger collection and to capture custom data, look at our systematic approach and learn what data to read first and how to unwind the tangled threads of pt-stalk.

By the end of this presentation you will have expert knowledge on how to capture diagnostic metrics at the right time and will have a generic approach to digest the captured data, allowing you to work on a large number of problems common to MySQL setups.

Open Source Databases 101: MySQL vs. MongoDB vs. Redis vs. Cassandra vs. HBase

This talk is an unbiased look at understanding the high-level uses and differences between open source databases. We'll see what relational, document, key-value and columnar databases are meant for, and when you should avoid them.

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