Emily Slocombe

Emily Slocombe

Emily Slocombe

Database Infrastructure Engineer, SurveyMonkey


Emily is currently a (mostly) MySQL Database Infrastructure Engineer at SurveyMonkey who was dragged into the world of Cassandra clusters and NullPointerExceptions.

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Cassandra Administration for MySQL DBAs

You have been asked to administer a Cassandra installation. In this talk, I will take you through basic Cassandra operations from the point of view of a MySQL DBA.

In the beginning, I was simply looking for "where is the equivalent of a .my.cnf?". Over time, that expanded to "how can I be sure this is healthy?", "Why are the users complaining about timeouts connecting?", and "How do I make this cluster replicate into another datacenter?". I will cover all of this and more.

Hopefully, my frustrations will save you some time and pain.

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