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Wednesday 11:20AM-12:10PM

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Developer, Operations

As service providers, one of our responsibilities is helping clients understand what causes contributed to a production downtime incident, and how to avoid (as much as possible) them from happening again. We do this with Incident Reports, and one common recommendation we make is to have a historical monitoring system in place. All our clients have point-in-time monitoring solutions in place, solutions that can alert them when a system is down or behaving in unacceptable ways. But historical monitoring is still not common, and we believe a lot of companies can benefit from deploying one of them.

In most cases, we have recommended Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), as a good and Open Source solution for this problem. In this session, we will talk about the reasons why we recommend PMM as a way to prevent incidents, and also to investigate their possible causes when one has happpened.


Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar (Pythian)

MySQL Database Consultant


Rohit is a certified MySQL Database Administrator, AWS CSA and RHCE. Currently he is working at Pythian helping clients in keeping their systems healthy and happy. He is experienced at troubleshooting and database optimization. He is interested in gaining and sharing in-depth knowledge of MySQL, HA technologies and automation. Rohit lives in Australia with his wife and son.

Martin Arrieta

Martin Arrieta (Pythian)

Lead Database Consultant


Martin worked as a Developer, System Administrator and DBA in local companies for more than 10 years. After that, he worked in the Support and Consulting teams at Percona and he joined Pythian in August 2015. Currently he leads a team of consultants helping several clients with different MySQL related technologies.

Kedar Vaijanapurkar

Kedar Vaijanapurkar (Pythian)



I'm a MySQL DBC from India working at Pythian for ~5 year with over 10 years of total IT experience. I blog at nitty-witty.com, maintain mysqldumpsplitter and random-data-generator. Recently I'm exploring cloud, automation and bigdata technologies. When not working I love playing cricket, capturing photos and teaching my kid.


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