Split your Database: Seamless Database Growth with MySQL

Tuesday 4:30PM-5:20PM

@ Goldsmith 2

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

Application databases start out small then later become large and complex. SQL performance and scheme management becomes too complex. Reliability suffers.

This talk will describe how to split a database schema in two, across separate replication chains to improve performance, scalability, and make database management easier.

It will cover the replication features used, the application code features needed to make the split invisible to end users, design choices for different reliability and uptime needs, how to do the split and how to tidy up. Real-life examples of good and bad will be included!


Nicolai Plum

Nicolai Plum (Booking.com)

Database Engineer


Nicolai Plum works in the Database Engineering team at Booking.com, the leading online hotel accommodation reservation company in the world. He specialises in scalability of computing infrastructure, databases and system operations.


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