MySQL Security: Granting Secure Temporary Access with Vault

Wednesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Goldsmith 1

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



MySQL security is an interesting subject. In this session we'll show how to use Vault ( to create a secrets store we can authenticate against using GitHub. On the other side, we'll demonstrate how we can use Vault to dynamically grant and revoke rights on a running MySQL Server. The end result allows us to not have to have a real MySQL user, but instead we first authenticate against Vault and then ask Vault for temporary access credentials to the MySQL instance of choice.


Walter Heck

Walter Heck (OlinData)



Walter Heck is the technical director of OlinData. Walter has been using puppet since 2009 and he?s among many other things a puppetlabs certified trainer since 2012. Walter has spoken at many conferences worldwide and loves sharing knowledge. Through working with many of the world?s largest enterprises across different continents Walter has gained a unique insight in the needs and wants of enterprises with regards to infrastructure, DevOps and everything surrounding those topics.


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