Multi-Site, Multi-Master Done Right

Wednesday 12:20PM-1:10PM

@ Goldsmith 3

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference


Business / Case Studies, Operations

The MySQL marketplace has quite a few High-Availability (HA) solutions such as Continuent Tungsten, Galera/XtraDB Cluster, various MySQL script/patch solutions, and RDS with multi-zone HA. Providing seamless, automatic failover with zero down-time maintenance in one data center can be challenging, but extending that same functionality across multiple sites in different continents truly makes that a difficult goal to achieve. Continuent has perfected various cluster solutions over the years and we have many customers running them in production, with more currently converting from Galera or RDS to our solutions.


Matthew Lang

Matthew Lang (Continuent)

Director of Professional Services - Americas


Matt has over 20 years experience of database administration, database programming, and system architecture, including the creation of a database replication product that is still in use today. He has designed highly available, scaleable systems that have allowed startups to quickly become enterprise organizations, utilizing a variety of technologies including open source projects, virtualization and cloud.

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