Moving data in Real Time into Cassandra, Kafka and Elasticsearch

Tuesday 11:20AM-12:10PM

@ Swift Suite 2

MySQL / MariaDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

Getting data out of your traditional database stores into a other database type can be problematic, especially if you want to do it in real-time.

Using Tungsten Replicator it's possible to move data from your existing Oracle and MySQL stores into a variety of targets, including Elasticsearch, Kafka and Hadoop.

In this session we'll look at the mechanics of each process and how to combine the core replication technology with filters and deployment models to enable complex data movement and concentration.


MC Brown

MC Brown (Continuent)

VP Products


MC Brown is a professional writer and technologist for over 25 years, an author and contributor to over 26 books covering a wide array of topics, and technical and architectural advisor on databases, cloud and grid computing, and operating system development. During his time he has worked for and with Sun, MySQL, Oracle, Couchbase, VMware, Microsoft and IBM, and written for O'Reilly, IBM, Computerworld, IBM developerWorks and many others.


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