Monitoring Amazon RDS and Aurora with Percona Monitoring and Management

Tuesday 5:25PM-5:50PM

@ Goldsmith 3

MySQL / MariaDBOpen Source Databases

25 minutes demo


Developer, Business / Case Studies, Operations

Did you know that Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) ships with support for AWS RDS and Aurora out of the box? It does!

In this session we'll discuss:
* How to configure PMM (metrics and queries) against RDS and Aurora using an EC2 instance
* How to configure PMM against CloudWatch metrics
* Configuration parameters for RDS/Aurora/CloudWatch for maximum visibility in PMM
* Interesting components of the Metrics Monitor interface - what are the dashboards, what are the key graphs
* Overview of Query Analytics (QAN) against RDS/Aurora

On the roadmap for Q4 2017 is agent-less monitoring of RDS/Aurora and tighter CloudWatch/Prometheus integration!


Mykola Marzhan

Mykola Marzhan (Percona)

Release Engineer


Mykola is monitoring lover and has been developing monitoring systems since 2004. He has been working as Release Engineer/Release Manager/DevOps for 10 years and most of his career has focused on automation of release procedures, development of monitoring, update and deployment systems.


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